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Apache Wicket is a Java web application framework that takes simplicity, separation of concerns and ease of development to a whole new level. Wicket pages can be mocked up, previewed and later revised using standard WYSIWYG HTML design tools. You can find Apache Wicket's home here.

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by mihir
User discussion at wicket.apache.org.

If you have a question regarding how to do something in your application, then typically you should join the user list. There are over 900 subscribers to that list, across different timezones, so probably your question will be answered within a hour or so, sometimes even within minutes.
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by Sebastian
The Wicket Stuff project makes third party components available using the Wicket web component framework. Subprojects of this project contain integrations for Spring, Groovy, Hibernate, Velocity and other popular Java open source projects. Wicket Stuff home is here. 323 438
by shrm
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by Maxim Solodovnik
Deprecated forum for Apache Wicket. Use the Wicket User list instead!

This forum is an archive for mailing list wicket-user@lists.sourceforge.net which is closed now. Please post to http://www.nabble.com/Wicket---User-f25133.html.
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by shivendu
Hi, I'm wondering how to fill up the editor's styles dropdown thru TinyMCESettings if possible. The solution mentioned in this thread does not work for me: http://apache-wicket.1842946.n4.nabble.com/Wicket-wicket-contrib-tinymce-populate-Styles-drop-down-tp2282424p2283287.html wick... 0 0
by Sandor Feher
Hello, I want to mount a page such that it will be requested with a query url like this : localhost:8080/reciever?k=متاح&t=22-11-2002&q=0196374859&s= So , I searched and tried to use this : mount(new QueryStringUrlCodingStrategy("/reciever", SMSReceiverPage.class) );... 0 0
by aabfattah
Hi i get access denied My page is instantiated with @AuthorizeInstantiation({ "ROLE_USER", "ROLE_ADMIN" }) my sign in session extends AuthenticatedWebSession. So I sign in and it gets me to the access denied page with the above url: https://localhost/myapp/wicket/pa... 0 0
by cablepuff
Hi all, I have a button on my page that, when clicked, needs to get updated values of the wicket components on the page without submitting the form. But everything I have tried either submits the form or still shows old values of components (doesn't reflect user changes). I have tried: 1... 0 0
by andrewsharpe
I am getting this when I am using this line : mount(new QueryStringUrlCodingStrategy("/reciever", SMSReceiverPage.class) ); Although , I have seen it in many docs . 1 1
by aabfattah
Hi, its really confusing... for example DateLabel is inside the api for 1.4.18. Inside my pom I reference to wicket 1.4.18 and WicketExtension 1.4.18 but i cant import the DateLabel class So what im missing? Thanks Philipp 1 2
by Philipp Schreiber
Hi, I have a question regarding best practices when dealing with images that are used as icons in a wicket application. I have looked for a suitable answer and could not find one. We have several places where we need an AjaxLink and have it displayed with an certain icon. Since this doesn'... 0 0
by jchappelle
Hi I solve most of the problem but I am still wondering what would the following be replace with? Error a.) setRedirect(boolean) for overriding submit behavior for form. b.) setupRequestAndResponse(boolean) for WicketTester. c.) MixedParamHybridUrlCodingStrategy for mounting page. d.) ... 1 1
by cablepuff
In Wicket 1.4.X we used to do a setResponsePage() to a login page if the user tried to access main page before they logged in. None of the main page HTML was rendered. Now, in 1.5, we're getting component not found errors, e.g.: Last cause: Unable to find component with id 'SettingsModalWindow'... 0 0
by Geoff Hayman
Hi, I've created a custom form validator which uses a custom error message. This error message is defined in a properties file having the same name as the application class "WicketApplication.properties" and being in the same package. The file is well loaded when running the Wic... 1 2
by theAnthony
Hello, I have a BaseTree with a Panel shown at the TreeNode. Each TreeNode Panel has a Label and Ajax Button. On click of this button, a New node gets added in the same node. When I am trying to add New TreeNode in a Leaf Node, it is not working properly. The model gets changed but UI is n... 1 1
by sanjay
HI, I am working on using DataTable and I could display all the records. As I wanted to have pagination, I have set the RowsPerPage = 3, but the actual no of records in my table are 10. This is working very perfectly and I could see the pagination links also. Now I have tried creating data... 1 1
by Gabriel Landon
Hello All, I would like to include only a part of a html page dynamically. That part is a markup. I am using the Include code. But once I use that i get this exception WicketMessage: java.net.MalformedURLException: no protocol: java public IncludePage() { add(new Inclu... 0 0
by srinash
Hi, in Wicket 1.5 RC7 is f.e. the RedirectPage set to unversioned, that makes it impossible to render using the REDIRECT_TO_RENDER strategy. Because of this flag the page instance is not being stored in the PageMap store, so it is not accessible during the render phase. Is there some setting ... 0 0
by pasto
Hi Team, Our Application is using Wicket1.3.6 and we wish to redirect to our Errorlogin.jsp page which displays error. our code is deployed on JBOSS server. Flow of Application is : Login page ---> wicket Login.class(Wicket Based) ----> SecurityServiceImpl.class (Java Based... 0 0
by vikramjs2009@gmail.c...
Hello all, I am using Hibernate, Dataview, and I would like to show list objects in dataview. List of objects has an reference to another class with list of details for each object. In order to communicate it easily, I would give an example: Class Client... ... private Set addre... 0 0
by nebojsa.nedic
Hi, i am trying to Change a ListView with links according to the selection of a ComboBox. I'm using a AjaxFormComponentUpdatingBehavior. Everything works fine (correct XMLHTTPResponse is sent to the client) until line 1269 of wicket-ajax.js. The "Browser"-Object is undefined and i... 1 2
by brazz
Hi All, I am trying to create autosuggestion text box where autosuggested link choices will be display to user and on click of that link user will be redirected to the link target. Right now I am able to generate String text autosuggests. Can you please help in how we can make autosuggestion... 0 0
by rajeev_yadav
Hi All, I have been investigating an upgrade for our projects from 1.4.9 to 1.5 RC7 (will will not go to 1.5 it until it has become final) I have seen that the URL strategies have been replaced by Request Mapping, this seem like a great improvement. But I am bit confused about its usages. ... 0 0
by Sir M
Hi, In a page properties file I want to override some string resource from a component properties file. So I append the component ID as a prefix to the original key of the property I want to override: original key in the SamplePanel is "title". In the page properties file the followi... 1 1
by Sergiy Barlabanov
Hi, I'm planning to do the following: I get Infos from a JSONserver which tells me how much sliders I need, saves the values, etc. Works fine, not more is needed here. Every Slider is an Element in a ListView. (Works) Now I want to add a ListView and in it create a slider and save the val... 0 0
by odin568
I want to interrupt request-processing after the onclick() method of my link is called. Or in other words i want to set the Http-Response to null. Is there a way to do this? I tried settting the response object in my Request-Cycle to null but then i get a NullpointerException in class "... 0 0
by brazz
Hi All, Is there a way in wicket to differentiate between user requests and wicket internal requests like resources etc. For example when I click on any link in my wicket application, internally it fires a lot of requests for resources and other things. I want to track the user request. i... 0 0
by rajeev_yadav
Hi My wicket experience is quit rusty so forgive me if this is a simple question, but I have not been able to find any example of this. I want to render at table with a nested table in one of the cells. eg. MyClass1 String attribute1; String attribute2; MyClass2 ... 0 0
by preben
I have issued that when an image or other static resource for rendering page is requested and not found by webapp server, my wicket appication is trying to render an error page configured in application. I would like an error page to NOT be instantiated when lookup for image or other static reso... 0 0
by Roman Dircenkov
Dept Name this is my form element,now when i enter the department id and click on submit button iam getting the output on different page..my task is to get the output on the same page..how to get that..please help me 0 0
by ramya
When we render our pages it is possible that an external system has changed our underlying data so when the user clicks on a link we attempt to lookup the item that the user clicked on but the lookup returns a null because the item has been deleted. The ideal solution would be to automatically r... 0 0
by Tom Barbaro
When my Wicket-application is called from two browsers on the same computer, it can happen that the cookies in both browsers have the same session id, and then the application easily gets into an unstable state. For example, I see model objects in debugger with all properties set to null, and be... 0 0
by christoph
Hi I'am new at Wicket, and still learning it. My problem, i want to integrate the H2 memDB into my project as an embedded server, the server should start with the application. And use Hibernate without Spring or Databinder. But I get stuck. My Steps : 1: use maven archetype with wi... 1 1
by Gabriel Landon
Hello to you all, I'm adding a new feature to a Wicket application that manages JEE-applications. For example, it's possible to install and configure a JEE-appliation on an Application server. If a user chooses to do so, he enters a unique application code and submits: a zipfile containing th... 0 0
by hfriederichs
Hi, I try to create in a table a column which will contain a link to execute an action (install something, uninstall something). I have created a ListArray containing the list of columns to be displayed : List<IColumn<ExtendedFeature>> columns = new ArrayList&lt... 0 0
by Charles Moulliard
hi, we've a fairly big JEE application running on jboss 4 and struts 1 (not a joke). To display data structures we use a Dojo grid widget (TreeGrid) of version 1.6. We're planning to move to a more modern Web framework and I would prefer Wicket. So there is at least 1 question: how good ca... 1 1
by jcgarciam
Hello I need some help from you. I have a modal window with panel (X) that has two ajax links (list/grid view mode). on click I want to save a cookie and to refresh some listpanel and gridpanel from X panel. each list and grid panel has the visibility based on the value from cookie. Ex: ... 1 1
by Decebal Suiu
My code ...... PopupSettings popupSettings = new PopupSettings(); PageLink pageLink = new PageLink("pageLink", Home.class); pageLink.setPopupSettings(popupSettings); ...... My configure WinXP(sp3), Wicket(1.3.7), IE(6.0) Why my popup wi... 0 0
by uynil
Hi, I am looking for an example code shows how to add events to different nodes in the tree component. Any sample code or any hint on where to look or where to start is very welcome. Thanks. 0 0
by sarahk
Hi, I have a listView and i need insert two CheckGroups. How do I include two checkgroups in a listview? thanks, TON 0 0
by TON
Hi, I am unable to get textfield value what went wrong i don't know,I want to get textfield value onclick and attatch to label dynamically.I am attatching my code //html world //java public class Hello extends WebPage { Label s; TextField t; public Hello() ... 1 4
by jcgarciam
Hello, I have a form with a drop-down and a tree. Based on the value selected in drop-down i want to re-load the tree using AJAX. How can I clear all the nodes of the tree and paint it again? I tried creating new tree model, clearing all child elements from root node, but nothing worked. I a... 0 0
by sanjay
Hi, i won't send form to external site (with POST method). I override following method: @Override protected void onComponentTag(ComponentTag tag) { super.onComponentTag(tag); tag.remove("action"); tag.put(&quo... 0 0
by radek
Hi Everyone, I am trying to use UploadProgressBar into a wizard step to upload a file. Unfortunately I couldn't add the UploadProgressBar directly to WizardStep panel since the bar's constructor requires a form as input. I decide to create a form and add this to the wizard test. My code is the ... 0 0
by Giuseppe Macrì
Hi All, Do we have anyting wicket that can provide drag and drop file upload feature in wicket application. Any suggestions are most appreciated. Thanks, Rajeev 0 0
by rajeev_yadav
Hi All, Once user session is expired, and displayed session expiry page than user should be provided with an option to return to activity that he was working on before session expire... Please help me on how to achieve this in wicket. Thanks, Rajeev 0 0
by rajeev_yadav
Hi All, Can you please let me know why i get a deployment error when I set up the filter in the web.xml. The structure of the web.xml is HelloWorldApplication org.apache.wicket.protocol.http.WicketFilter applicationClassName com.dev.wicket.apps.helloworld.HelloWorldAppli... 0 0
by srinash
Hi All, My requirement is that I want to set session timeout in application programatically. I know it can be done through web.xml but due to some env constraints, we have to avoid setting through web.xml. Problem statement: Check if user is inactive in application for certain time perio... 0 0
by rajeev_yadav
- deleted - 1 1
by kolly
Hi, I have a customized grid with a twistie in each row holding text box in one column and list view with set of text boxes in another column.I have a functionality that if i enter any value in first text box in the first column it should be reflected in all the textboxes in the listview colu... 0 0
by sri357
Is there anyway by which i can convert the raw_data into the model, for the click action of AjaxLink. I have three panels, panel one is the parent panel containing buttons and child panels. Child panel 1 is to get user input and child panel 2 is to display the user with options based on inpu... 0 0
by vijayakumar B
Hello, I'm trying to learn wicket using the the wicket book by Förther, Menzel, Siefart. I have downloaded their wbs-example and tried to run it out of the box but got the following errors. Does anybody have an idea how to fix the problem? Thanks Dori 29.07.11 15:22:05 MESZ: Refreshing... 1 1
by hariharansrc
Hi, I have a RadioGroup (searchChoice) in my Primarypanel, I have another panel (ResultPanel) which hold DataTable with radio as one of its column. I have added this ResultPanel to searchChoice RadioGroup, hence radio's in ResultPanel comes under searchChoice RadioGroup. From primary panel i ... 1 1
by vijayakumar B
we have built our simple application with wicket and now getting into the more "advanced" stuff. we have some money fields that we want to format to 2 decimal places. validation is already done. i am thinking we can use BigDecimalConverter but not sure how to start. here is our exis... 0 0
by mango-object
I'm migrating some wicket 1.4 era code to 1.5 and am looking for documentation on the new JSLib and Library functionality. For example, what is the proper call to make for this using JSLib? /** * Add prototype to header */ @Override public void renderHead(IHeaderRespo... 1 1
by Donohoe Digital
Hello guys. I have a form containing an address(with fields for city, country, etc), and inside this form a DropDownChoice, containing a list of Addresses. I am using AjaxFormComponentUpdatingBehavior to update the form fields when the user changes the address from drop down. ... 0 0
by Marius Anton
Following the Wicket book by Förther, Menzel & Siefart I have typed in their quickstart program and wanted to run it. I got the error message below. I don't understand this, since I *have declared* "myForm" on both HomePage.html and HomePage.java files (source code attached). D... 1 2
by dorizev
Hello, What is the best way to do ajax validation with messages being showed next to the components? I could just add ComponentFeedbackPanel-s in the page.java and then add the wicket panels to the page.html, but I want a better solution. The task of adding ComponentFeedbackPanel-s in the pa... 1 1
by Erki
I have to manage content for that i am planning to use xml and cms. I will store xml documents in the database. So, i am wondering how can a cms help since we have to edit only xml files. So what to do. 0 0
by hariharansrc
I will store data in xml files and then store it in database when I retrieve it again, I have to use XSLT to transform it to xhtml file. Whether, i have to use wicket+java for the transformation in the server side or by using javascript in client side. Since both of them are applicable what to c... 0 0
by hariharansrc
Hi, I'm using wicket 1.4 and my site contains one Template which header,footer,hor.menu and it is common to all the pages now, my req is onclicking the hor menu item, i want to show the active link with some background.. I tried with a:active but it is not working as it is a common template to ... 0 0
by raju.ch
Hi, I've got a question concerning the properties file (i18n). I know how to use a variable in a key, so that they will be replaced with a label-Component of the same name. But what I want to do now, is to inject a whole key from the same properties file into another key. For example: keyA... 0 0
by phil
Hi, I've got a problem with the data view. My data view has an actionpanel in every row with an edit button which navigates to the details / edit page for the underlying model. If the user finishes editing I would wicket to go back to the list but to exactly the page the user was before. I... 0 0
by Erik
I need different features such as report generation, search engine feature etc., i'm using wicket framework. I'm confused that how to reuse the features again and again since we need to integrate search engine feature in every html page is there any better solution available. Since i'm using m... 0 0
by hariharansrc
i am having two maven projects, wicket hibernate integration using guice and wicket jasper reports integration using spring. Both project working independently well. Can we integrate both the projects into a single project. If so how? if not why? If any other solution available without integrati... 0 0
by hariharansrc
Hi! I have a wicket page containing a nested form. The inner form is used for uploading files (using an AjaxButton) and thus it has a FileUploadField. When loading the page and submit the outer form (without doing any file uploads) it fails to redirect the browser to the repsonse page. set... 0 0
by rickthemick
Dear all, I've got the following issue trying to generate an absolute url that I would like to send via email to users. I do get a relative url returned from urlFor: "../email-verification?key=....". Please note that email-verification is mounted on root using mountPage("... 1 1
by willo
Hi, I'm using the latest 1.5-RC5.1 with jetty 8.0. I don't know why when running under IntelliJ I get this: org.apache.wicket.request.handler.ComponentNotFoundException: Could not find component 'displayPageViewLink' on page 'class com.xperialize.projects.tagmagic.mobileApp.pages.Home... 0 0
by intmanch
I use CDI in wicket through seam-wicket. Wicket serializes page objects to re-use them on next request. That leads to: 12:00:38.976 ERROR [107912042@qtp-1873329524-0] org.apache.wicket.util.lang.Objects Error serializing object class org.jboss.jawabot.web._pg.PasteBinPage [object=[Page cla... 0 0
by pekarna
Hello, Does anyone know how I add pdfbox to a wicket component? //component public class BPPdfGeneration extends Panel { public BPPdfGeneration(String id) throws IOException, DocumentException, PrinterException { super(id); PDDocument pdDocument; pdDo... 0 0
by Fred
Hello, I'm working with Wicket 1.4.17. I've created a component for adding jQuery beauty tips dynamically (called ExtLabel): for example, if label key is fooBar and there exists key fooBar.help in resource bundle a jQuery beauty tip is added dynamically near the label. It works fine (in... 0 0
by vadger
Hi, I have a class: public class UserLinkPanel extends Panel { @Inject UserManager userManager; public UserLinkPanel( String id, final long userId ) { super( id, new Model( userManager.byID(userId)) ); } } However, of course, this won't compile, because userMa... 0 0
by pekarna
Hello, I have a an input stream that i want to redirect to the browsers printer. When I do it on my local machine it works but of course when i deploy to the server the print dialog opens on the server. I assume that I have to send the file as a response to a request but I am unsure on how... 1 1
by hariharansrc
See this post: http://devhobbs.blogspot.com/2011/07/swf-in-wicket.html for my various attempts at getting a wicket page to contain a swf located in its own webapp dir. Ultimately, im looking for a way to generate a link to an swf in the applications webapp dir. There is something in th... 0 0
by mrblobby
Hello.... need help ,can we get value of request parameter without using wicket model in wicket? can someone provide help on this issue ? regards Bhawna 1 2
by cS-Munich
I'm trying to use DownloadLink with a static Excel file in my resources directory and everything appears to be working just fine except that the file doesn't open in Excel (Excel complains that it is corrupt). Everything works fine if I download a .txt or .jpg file, but not with .xlsx, .xls, ... 1 3
by ravi
Hi all, I was searching (google, books and examples), but i could not find an example that were suitable for me. i am just writing some small webapp with wicket 1.5-RC5.1 using maven and eclipse. My Application is able to let users upload Images to: Folder uploadFolder = new Folder((... 0 0
by newicket
http://docs.jquery.com/Plugins/validation it is the link which has a form which does better client side validation how to do it in wicket 1 1
by Alexander Morozov
Hi all, I was searching (google, books and examples), but i could not find an example that were suitable for me. i am just writing some small webapp with wicket 1.5-RC5.1 using maven and eclipse. My Application is able to let users upload Images to: Folder uploadFolder = new Folder(((Fil... 0 0
by Newicket
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