[ANNOUNCE] WicketStuff 7.2.0 Released

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[ANNOUNCE] WicketStuff 7.2.0 Released

Martin Grigorov-4
WicketStuff core 7.2.0 based on Apache Wicket 7.2.0 is released and available
at Maven Central.

The changelog since 7.1.0 is:

Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov (40):
      Bump version to 7.2.0-SNAPSHOT
      Bump version of sub-modules to 7.2.0-SNAPSHOT
      [select2] Use proper JS and CSS ResourceReferences so that the
content-type is specified
      [select2] Minor code style improvements
      [tinymce3] Move dependencies from the parent pom to tinymce3/pom.xml
      [parent pom] JUnit 4.11 -> 4.12
      [tinymce3] Move TinyMceInitializer from wicket.properties to
      [tinymce3] Add slf4j-simple as dependency for the tests
      [tinymce4] Move dependencies from the parent pom to tinymce4/pom.xml
      [tinymce4] Move wicket.properties to
      Unignore 'META-INF' folder and add all of them
      [push] Move wicket.properties to META-INF/services/
      [poi] Move wicket.properties to META-INF/services/
      [annotationeventdispatcher] Move wicket.properties to
      [gae] Move wicket.properties to META-INF/services/
      [selectize] List the Maven modules in the parent pom
      [selectize] Do not deploy wicketstuff-selectize-examples in Maven
      [select2] Update Select2 to v4.0.1
      [selectize] Revert the introduction of generics for Selectize
      [selectize] Add Jetty started for Selectize examples
      [fast2] Update fast serializer to 2.43
      [datatables] Migrate the Datatables code from wicket-6.x branch
      [datatables] Add support for infinite scrolling and styling/skining
      [datatables] Add support for "rowId" - i.e. to set a unique id to
each row (tr) in the table
      [datatables] Add support for IStyledColumn
      [datatables] Add support for column definitions
      [datatables] Add support for 'retrieve' option
      [datatables] Add support for 'pageLength'
      [datatables] Add #repaint(AjaxRequestTarget) - a method that could be
used to repaint the JS widget
      [datatables] Add support for the Select extension
      [datatables] Fix the generation of the CSS plugin resources
      [datatables] Add a demo showing how to send the ids of the selected
rows when using OS selection
      [datatables] Add support for marking a column as not orderable
      [datatables] Rename 'renderFunction' to 'render' as per DataTables
      [datatables] Make it possible to not contribute CSS resources
      [datatables] Introduce abstract resource reference for virtual
scrolling data providing
      [datatables] Make AbstractVirtualScrollResourceReference's constants
      [datatables] Contribute the JavaScript that initializes DataTables
only when the component is enabled in hierarchy
      [datatables] Add constants for the search parameters for "serverSide"
      Release 7.2.0

Maxim Solodovnik (16):
      Select2 works as expected, tests for multiselect are broken
      More work on issue #411: settings are now chainable, allowClear works
as expected; Ajax example is added and tested
      more work on #411: Previous tests are fixed
      All versions are bumped to be 7.2.0-SNAPSHOT
      Null check for the 'term' is removed
     Additional example is added
      Merge pull request #436 from selckin/master
      decebals/wicket-dashboard 7.0 is moved to wicketstuff
      All Boolean settings were replaced with boolean
      Code was updated to use jetty 8, build is fixed
      Load more records if available is fixed
      Some of the select2 options are fixed
      Merge pull request #443 from reiern70/master
      Merge pull request #453 from reiern70/master
      White-spaces are fixed
      Merge pull request #454 from PhantomYdn/master

René Dieckmann (13):
      Jamon API integration.
      Build configuration: added properties for build control
      Reduced memory footprint on JamonAdminPage.
      Refactoring: Removed unnessecary markup id assignment.
      Refactoring: Removed unnessecary custom requestcycle.
      Increased relevant statistics in admin page.
      Illustrated intent on JamonAdminPage Tests.
      Increased testability of jamon repository components.
      Increased relevant statistics in admin page on reset.
      Filtered monitor statistics to record only explicit executed
      Guarantee logger-api configurable by host system.
      Verbose application statements.
      Refactoring: Save some http requests by using bookmarkable page links.

reiern70 (12):
      Behavior that adds a select2 to a dropdown choice (to be used with a
normal drop down choice)
      stateless mode that allows to read JSON from a mounted resource
      fix generation of results
      needed to be able override the class on Scala
      fix @martin-g and @solomax remarks
      call close in its own try catch
      close web response
      no need to close ByteArrayOutputStream
      in stateless case we still need to process returned JSON
      add bootstrap theme to select2
      Fix NPE
      try to fix white-spaces

Tobias Soloschenko (6):
      NashornResourceReference Implementation
      NashornResourceReference Implementation - fix empty block
      NashornResourceReference Implementation - Memory Leak Prevention
      NashornResourceReference Implementation - Typo / Properties
      NashornResourceReference Implementation - Security Manager
      NashornResourceReference Implementation - AllocMemSup check

Andrea Del Bene (5):
      updated dependecies version
      Added missing curly bracket
      Restored maven options for jvm memory
      Added Javadoc generation to host it on http://www.javadoc.io/
      Added fix for failing testcase JamonProviderTest

cmiles74 (4):
      Removed the Bing examples
      [BREAKING] Migrated to OpenLayers 3.10.1
      Updated the readme and examples
      Moved misplaced readme file

iamrakesh (3):
      fix for eclipse m2e errors.
      Updated packaging to 'bundle' for input-events, tinymce4, and
restannotations projects.
      fix issue-434: corrected jquery.ui.core.css file name in DatePicker.

Emmeran Seehuber (2):
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'wicketstuff/master'
      Disabled PagingNavigator buttons not visible as disabled with Wicket 7

Jurriaan Pruijs (2):
      Test to demonstrate that userProvidedResourceReferences (in
JQueryAjaxBehavior) is shared between instances
      Fix shared userProvidedResourceReferences

Thomas Matthijs (2):
      Option removed: https://github.com/select2/select2/issues/3420
      Tags is a boolean in select2 4

Alihon Kadirov (1):
      Added expire for redis session

Dan Haywood (1):
      fixing parent version in select2-parent's pom

Gerald Curley (1):
      Remove references to the Wicket.Browser.isIELessThan7 function in
script-jq.js as this has been removed from wicket-core 7.1. This causes
UncaughtTypeErrors in javascript when referencing Inmethod.XTableManager

Ilia Naryzhny (1):
      Fix #429: now it's possible to clear input current value

Sven Meier (1):
      WICKET-5950 model implements IObjectClassAwareModel now, so use own
generic model which loses type through erasure

Vaclav Cermak (1):
      Fixed GMAP_API_URL to use & instead of &

The WicketStuff team