[ANNOUNCE] WicketStuff 7.4.0 Released

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[ANNOUNCE] WicketStuff 7.4.0 Released

Martin Grigorov-4
WicketStuff core 7.4.0 based on Apache Wicket 7.4.0 is released and available
at Maven Central.

The changelog since 7.3.0 is:

kkaravitis (15):
      fix for reopened issue #482
      #495 Make the wicketstuff portlet examples applicable for both
liferay     and websphere portal
      how to deploy wicketstuff portlets on websphere portal
      pull needed
      Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/kkaravitis/core
      minor fixes for #496, #494
      - remove unused imports
      Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/wicketstuff/core
      module-id set to liferay/wicketstuff-portlet-examples/6.22.0/war
      Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/wicketstuff/core
      update version of examples

Andrea Del Bene (6):
      Version bumped to the next SNAPSHOT (7.4.0-SNAPSHOT)
      Retrigger CI
      Moved jof2 dependecy to its active fork
      Issue #492
      Fix for serializers tests
      Attempt to solve what it might be a synchronization problem

Maxim Solodovnik (6):
      xstream.version is updated
      Fixes #498: i18n should be fully supported
      [urlfragment] Java warnings were fixed
      [dashboard] Java warnings were fixed
      [dashboard] Fixes #528: wicket.properties is replaced with
      versions are updated

JoachimRohde (4):
      [GMap3] Fix for #499 (clustering was not working)
      [GMap3] Removed sensor-parameter from URL and deprecated all methods
which took "sensor" as a parameter
      [GMap3] Included clustering script (#499)
      [GMap3] Usage of API key is now supported and encouraged

Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov (3):
      [dashboard] Fix build in wicket-7.x
      [jqplot] Fix build in wicket-7.x
      Release 7.4.0

René Dieckmann (3):
      Separate monitoring data from components. Fixes #518
      UX: Statistics presentation.
      UX: Date statistics presentation.

Carl-Eric Menzel (2):
      upgrade to wicket15-tree 7.1.0 to fix issue #513, regression with
opening tree nodes via ajax
      prevent default action when clicking sort header

2janci2 (1):
      Update of markerclusterer.js location

Andreas Häber (1):
      Google Charts: Text and Value marker support

Joachim Rohde (1):
      [GMap3] Fixed #530 (used wrong parameter name for the key)

jrohde (1):
      Merge origin/master

miguelpayet (1):
      Fix the delete action when there are two editable grids on one page.

The WicketStuff team