[ANNOUNCE] WicketStuff 7.8.1 Released

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[ANNOUNCE] WicketStuff 7.8.1 Released

Maxim Solodovnik-2
WicketStuff core 7.8.1 based on Apache Wicket 7.8.0 is released and
soon will be available at Maven Central!

The changelog since 7.8.0 is:

Maxim Solodovnik (6):
      Whitespaces are fixed
      Wicket version is updated
      Fixes issue #605: tokenSeparators are passed in correct format
      urlfragment: Whitespaces are fixed
      Fixes issue #604: UrlUtil is being conditionally created
      Release of wicketstuff-core-7.8.1

Richard Eckart de Castilho (1):
      #602 - UrlParametersReceivingBehavior does not find resource
when subclassed

The WicketStuff team

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