[ANNOUNCE] WicketStuff 9.0.0-M4 Released

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[ANNOUNCE] WicketStuff 9.0.0-M4 Released

Maxim Solodovnik
WicketStuff core 9.0.0-M4 based on Apache Wicket 9.0.0-M4 is released
and soon will be available at Maven Central!

The changelog is:

Maxim Solodovnik (11):
      Tests command is added to improve OracleJDK detection
      Java vendor detection is updated
      Switching to the next development version
      Build should be fixed
      HazelcastDataSource is fixed to use correct serializer
      Tests are updated
      jackson-databind is updated
      Better implementation of serializer injection
      Libraries are updated
      Redundant trailing spaces are removed
      wicketstuff-core-9.0.0-M4 is released

Andrea Del Bene (6):
      Response content type set as first step.
      updated jackson library to resolve security alert.
      Update readme.md
      Merge pull request #683 from
      Update readme.md
      Update readme.md

Sven Meier (3):
      updated readme, added static getter
      WICKET-6708 use post parameters
      WICKET-6148 removed on prefix

Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov (2):
      Upgrade Scala to 2.13.1
      Bump Hamcrest to 2.2

Thorsten Schöning (2):
      URL.getFile doesn't decode paths in file-URLs in case spaces are
used. (#678)
      JamonMonitoredRequestCycleTest fails on Windows in case JVMs are
reused. (#679)

Christoph Jost (1):
      fix for list flattening #685

dependabot[bot] (1):
      Bump jackson-databind from 2.9.10 to

xzr (1):
      reintroduce dispatchToNonVisibleComponents

The WicketStuff team