[Announce] WicketStuff Core 6.2.1 is released

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[Announce] WicketStuff Core 6.2.1 is released

Martijn Dashorst
WicketStuff Core projects version 6.2.1 have been released and are
available at Maven Central repository.

They are built against Apache Wicket 6.2.0.

This is an emergency release for a blocking issue in Wicket Security
(aka Wasp/Swarm) where a global lock caused congestion under load when
running your application using Java 7.

If you run your application using Java 7 and use Wicket Security it is
highly recommended to upgrade to this release.


Michael Mosmann (2):
      [serializer-kryo2] tree compression and some improvements
      [serializer-kryo2] readme fixed

Emond Papegaaij (1):
      do not synchronize application-wide on caches that are almost read-only

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