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DropDownChoice Default Value

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Hi All,

I have searched and wasted much of my time figuring out the default Value for DropDownChoice for Object as dropdown but couldn't find the solution. For "String" dropdown i was able to make it work but somehow for object it is not working.

Below is the Simple example that i have been trying, DropDownChoicePage.html and DropDownChoicePage.java files.

Can someone please help me that what am i missing into "DropDownChoicePage.java" class that is not setting the Drop Down Default value?



<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
    <title>DropDown Example</title>
Select your favorite Language            <select wicket:id="languageDropDown"></select>



public class DropDownChoicePage extends WebPage {

        public class KeyValue {

                private String key;
                private String value;

                public KeyValue(String key, String value) {
                        this.key = key;
                        this.value = value;

                public String getKey() {
                        return key;

                public String getValue() {
                        return value;

                public void setKey(String key) {
                        this.key = key;

                public void setValue(String value) {
                        this.value = value;

                public String toString() {
                        return getKey();

        private static final long serialVersionUID = 2304448232406333188L;

        private KeyValue defaultValue = new KeyValue("JAVA", "Java");

         * Constructor
        public DropDownChoicePage() {

                List<KeyValue> keyValues = new ArrayList<DropDownChoicePage.KeyValue>();
                keyValues.add(new KeyValue("PHP", "php"));
                keyValues.add(new KeyValue("JAVA", "Java"));
                keyValues.add(new KeyValue("DOT_NET", "Dot Net"));

                DropDownChoice<KeyValue> dropDownChoice = new DropDownChoice<KeyValue>(
                                "languageDropDown", new PropertyModel<KeyValue>(this,
                                                "defaultValue"), keyValues,
                                new ChoiceRenderer<KeyValue>("key", "value"));


        public KeyValue getDefaultValue() {
                return defaultValue;

        public void setDefaultValue(KeyValue defaultValue) {
                this.defaultValue = defaultValue;