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FEEL radiant - scientifically - 24 hour gift package!

Your Personal Life

Feeling Good. Redefined.

In response to increasing evidence that many people really don’t know or understand what they are putting in their bodies, or their children’s bodies … we think it’s time to stop wondering.

  • We can stop wondering which nutrition plan really works.
    We can stop wondering what supplements we should be taking.
    We can stop wondering how to optimize our metabolism.
    We can stop wondering why the “one-size-fits-all” diets, supplement plans, exercise routines, or magic pills don’t create true health.

We can stop wondering.  If you're ready to know with certainty how to create true health … please read on.

"Dr. Tefft's clinical research on personalized nutrition therapy... is helping to define how dysfunctions and disease will be assessed and treated in the future."
- Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. Cellular Biologist , Best-Selling author of The Biology of Belief, Lecturer, and What the Bleep Do We Know? conference speaker

Orthomolecular medical research can show us precisely what nutrition our specific body needs.

Nutrition measurement testing offers each of us a personally designed formula for being and feeling radiantly healthful.

Introducing an illuminating new book by
Dr. Greg Tefft, with Bill Quateman:


Your Personal Life

Measuring What Your
Specific Body Needs to Live
Lean, Long, Strong, and Better

And, we want to give you
a truly unique gift package
at no cost to you,
as our thanks for purchasing
Your Personal Life
from this website:

Our intention, in creating this exquisite gift package, is to offer tools and ideas that will enhance all dimensions of radiant living.  The gift package is valued at over $300 and it includes exclusive music, books, audio, video, and more ... and there is absolutely no cost to you!  It is your gift for purchasing Dr. Tefft's book, Your Personal Life, today, October 5th, to express our appreciation for your support in achieving an important and exciting goal ... becoming a Best Seller on amazon.com today.

We are dedicated to working with leading thought scientists and other health experts, such as Greg Tefft, to offer true awareness of how we can be in control of our health, well being, and quality of life. Dr. Teff'ts contribution to the life-changing revelation of medical nutrition is critical to achieving true health. We are committed to make this available to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. We're asking you to join with us. Becoming a Best Seller today on Amazon.com is a key step, and your support today, October 5th, will be generously rewarded.

If you would like to take a peek
to see what exquisite gifts await you,
they are described in detail on our website:


"Your Personal Life contains crucial insights on how we can best help ourselves in the midst of the modern world's serious health threats."
-Dr. Harold Foster, Medical Geographer, Disaster Planning Expert, and author of What Really Causes AIDS?

Over 60 years of medical nutrition research reveals how we can create and maintain our own health by enabling our body chemistry to restore balance to mineral and vitamin excesses, deficiencies, ratio imbalances and toxicities – the building blocks of health.

"Dr. Tefft brings us to the final frontier of nutrition, where complete wellness and greater longevity are the status quo... Your Personal Life is a personal reference to nutrition testing and guides you through the most powerful medicine in the world -- the inner you -- for the rest of your life."
- Jorge Monastersky M.D., Cardiologist, Task Force Board Member American Heart Association

Dr. Greg Tefft is winner of the prestigious Readers
Digest Health Awareness Award. Dr. Tefft is a naturopathic certified drugless physician and a triple-crown, natural Mr. America bodybuilder. His teachings, health guidance, and targeted nutrition plan have been bringing people into the prime of their greatest health for 24 years.  Your Personal Life is an end to guessing about how to live in the best health … radiant health! 

More than common sense, it’s the power of science.


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