Hibernate, Dataview and joining two classes (tables)

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Hibernate, Dataview and joining two classes (tables)

Hello all,

I am using Hibernate, Dataview, and I would like to show list objects in dataview.

List of objects has an reference to another class with list of details for each object. In order to communicate it easily, I would give an example:

Class Client...
   private Set<Address> address = new LinkedHashSet<Address>();

this is connected in hibernate like
                <one-to-many class="model/stakeholdersPartners.Address"/>

Now I have one issue. When I pass this list of objects to dataview it is presented in a way that one client is repeated number of times that is equivalent to the number of addresses it has. This is due to "join" type of fetch type / how I understood it.

I have few ideas how to solve this, but non of the ideas I don't like, and I don't know what is the best practice to handle this.

I don't know what is the best practice here and how to handle it? Any ideas?

All the best.