How to change Drop down selected value from Popup

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How to change Drop down selected value from Popup

Hi ,

I have a scenario, where from a Page link have to render a popup window and on submit of the popup window have to set the drop down selected value  of the parent window with the selected values from popup window.

I have created the popup using BookMarkablePageLink and passing page parameters. Have passed the text fileds markupId as parameter and on submit of popup window have used

window.parent.document.getElementById (" + this.parms.get("targetId") + ").value = 'test';
window.close using appendJavaScript method. However it is not populating parent windows text filed.

One of the crux in this case is my parent window is in side a tabbed panel, I doubt this might be forcing it to fail to set up.

I would appreciate a quick response.

Thanks in advance!