ListView error when using JQuery

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ListView error when using JQuery

I'm creating a page with "widgets" similar to Yahoo and Google's
home pages.  The widgets can be dragged around to change their
position.  This is largely working (using ListView) but I'm getting
an error when I drag the bottom widget of one ListView onto the
list of another.  The page no longer has a reference to the item.

I'm calling listView.modelChanging(), changing the backing List,
then calling listView.modelChanged().  I've been looking at this
and the cause is eluding me...I'm sure I'm missing something dumb.

I just put together a quickstart to demonstrate seemed
easier than posting a lot of code.

The quickstart is available at

For this quickstart I used JWicket.  I tried the same thing with
WiQuery, but Maven can't seem to find the dependency when
I put that in the pom file.

Thanks in advance for any help.