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i have a Form for specifying an entity.

For specifying i have 3 (4) DropDownChoices.

Following DDC are updated per Ajax.

DDC1 shows all my stations.
Depending on DDC1 all Sensors on the selected station are shown on DDC2

Now my Problem
Depending on DDC2
DDC3 and 4 are filled.

DDC3 allows to select a subsensor routine
DDC4 allows to select a whole set of subsensors (there are sometimes 2 sets, but mostly only 1)

What i want:
i select something in DDC3 and i get my result panel updated.
But if i select something in DDC4, i want to get my result panel updated, too.

How to realise this?
I think, i cant let a panel get updated from 2 different sources (the later event overrides the earlier)
so i wanted to let DDC4 default to 1 and let it fire a "onChange" event - but how can i fire this from within java?