Pass an array as post-parameter from wicket to jsp page

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Pass an array as post-parameter from wicket to jsp page

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My application is mix of wicket and jsp pages

I have created a Panel in wicket which contains list of documents. The user can select more than one document and click on edit button. Selected documents id, stored in an array. Now I have to redirect to the JSP page, and I have to pass the array to jsp page

In wicket, we use redirectPage, which is used to navigate to non wicket page. If i used redirect page then selected ids passed as a parameter which is wrong because url have specific limit and if user select 100 or more documents and click on edit button then all selected documents id passed as a parameter in url .
How I can pass an array as a post parameter from a wicket page to a jsp page?

I have written code like below, In the following example, selectedDocs is an array which I am passing to jsp page.

setResponsePage(new RedirectPage("/abc.jsp"+"&docs="+selectedDocs));

Any Help is highly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance.