Problem with getting data from a ListView

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Problem with getting data from a ListView


I've got a bit of a problem when working with ListView's. I searched a lot of tutorials, but I didn't came up with a solution. So here's the problem:

skillzList = SkillListProxy.getInstance().getAllSkillz();

			ListView<SkillzBean> skillListView = new ListView<SkillzBean>("skillz", skillzList) {

				private static final long	serialVersionUID	= 1L;

				protected void populateItem(final ListItem<SkillzBean> item) {
					SkillzBean skill = item.getModelObject();

					item.add((new Label("skillType", skill.getSkillType())));
					item.add(new Label("skillName", skill.getSkillName()));
					item.add(new Label("stufe", skill.getStufe()));
					item.add(new Label("maxStufe", skill.getMaxStufe()));
					item.add(new Label("kostenProStufe", skill.getKostenProStufe()));
					item.add(new Label("kosten", skill.getKosten()));
					item.add(new Label("anmerkung", skill.getAnmerkung()));



			add(new Button("saveButton") {
// here I can't get any updated data from skillzList

How would I have to write it differently so that I can get the updated data?