Problems building wicket-contrib-examples-hibernate3

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Problems building wicket-contrib-examples-hibernate3

Rob Moore-6
There appears to be some out-of-date API references to the wicket code
base. I'm a new user to wicket so I'm not sure which version of the API
the code is valid for.

I get the following errors:

The constructor GridPanel(String, IListDataSource, int, null, FeedbackPanel) is undefined   wicket-contrib-examples-hibernate3/src/wicket/examples/cdapp2/page    line 41

The constructor Form(String, CompoundPropertyModel, null) is undefined    wicket-contrib-examples-hibernate3/src/wicket/examples/cdapp2/page    line 52

The constructor Form(String, IModel, IFeedback) is undefined    wicket-contrib-examples-hibernate3/src/wicket/examples/cdapp2/page    line 36

I would appreciate any pointers on how to address these errors.



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