URLs in 1.5 the proper strategy and backwards compatibility

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URLs in 1.5 the proper strategy and backwards compatibility

Sir M
Hi All,

I have been investigating an upgrade for our projects from 1.4.9 to 1.5 RC7 (will will not go to 1.5 it until it has become final)

I have seen that the URL strategies have been replaced by Request Mapping, this seem like a great improvement. But I am bit confused about its usages.

Currently we have configured our projects to generate URLs as following:

The above is showing that we have a server called "production" running at port "8080" under context "web" (configured via web.xml), that has a wicket page called "user" which accepts a parameter "id" and value of "123457890".

Of course this is just a simple example, but we use this all over the application for a wide variety of pages. The great thing about a URL like this is that is pretty and bookmarkable.

Now in 1.5 RC7 whatever I configure, I can not get the URL generated like this anymore or even closely, I always end up with something like this :


In essence this should not be a big deal, but we have many users that have created bookmarks that can now not be used anymore if we upgrade, i.e. the backwards compatibility is failing.

Note that the URL also adds the page version to it?

Is anyone able to advise me how to solve following :
1) Generate the URLS as shown above in 1.4.9
2) Remove page version (I have searched for ever to do this) or even better just hide it from the URL.

Any information would be greatly appreciated

Sir M.