Wicket 6.x and Portlet Support

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Wicket 6.x and Portlet Support

For the coming year we like to investigate web frameworks with the following properties:
- Strong styling capabilities
- Java centric progamming model
- Portlet support

Portlet support doesn't seem to be a topic in the Wicket roadmap but I could find some interest in Portlet support for Wicket 6 in bug WICKET-4019.

Does anybody know if efforts regarding "portlet support" have any backing of the Apache Wicket PMC or is this someting that is community driven until further notice?

The context of this question is the desire to find a good fit for Eclipse Scout, our open source framework for business apps. With Scout we currently have the options to build desktop clients with Swing and SWT or webclients based on Eclipse RAP. It seems possible to get some support for portlet with RAP, but this will most likely be a significant investment.

Of help is the following sort of information
- Does the combination of Wicket and portlet support has a future (or is it "dead end" (and if so, why?))?
- Is it feasible and welcome to join the efforts of WICKET-4019?
- Any other recommendations?

Thanks for feedack

PS. If this should be the wrong mailing list for this question, I do apologize and ask to be directed to the appropriateone.