Wicket & Google Drive

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Wicket & Google Drive

Is there any solution to integrate Wicket with Google Drive API (not Google Docs) ?
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Re: Wicket & Google Drive

I made a sample of wicket application and I tried to load in a iframe tag the url for getting authorization from google.

The link is something like:


and nothing appear in the iframe tag.
If I copy/paste the url in browser the request for google access is displaied.

If I replace the url with: https://wicket.apache.org/ then the iframe load the wicket site.
I use wicket 1.4.21.

Java code:
public HomePage(final PageParameters parameters){
   final InlineFrame iFrame = new InlineFrame("googleFrame", this);
   iFrame.add(new SimpleAttributeModifier("src", _url));

HTML code:
<iframe wicket:id="googleFrame" width="100%" height="300px"></iframe>

Had anyone this problem?
Or have anyone any solution for this?