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interrupt request processing - set response to null

I want to interrupt request-processing after the onclick() method of my link is called. Or in other words i want to set the Http-Response to null. Is there a way to do this?

I tried settting the response object in my Request-Cycle to null but then i get a NullpointerException in class "WebRequestEncodingStrategy":

CharSequence encoded = requestCycle.getOriginalResponse().encodeURL(result); <- NEP is thrown
                        if (stripJsessionId)
                                encoded = Strings.stripJSessionId(encoded);
                        return encoded;

The reason for this is:
- My application is part of a portal which uses iframes
- I have to reuse the modal dialog of the portal
- I cannot use the Wicket -Ajax-mechanism; because of this modal dialog in a different iframe the Ajax-JavaScript objects cannot be found(i would have to use 'top' in the ajax-methods).
- I cannot use submit, because after the submit the modal dialog is in the wrong iframe and the page in the background is missing.
- To get the wicket page in the modal dialog of the portal has already been rather complicated.

Thanks in advance!